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In Just 60 Seconds Flat, Pulling In 918 Targeted Buyers

In Less Than 24 Hours With ZERO Effort...

Leverage New A.I. Technology That Automates Sales, Marketing & Customer Support 24/7... No Tech Skills Or Experience Required!


  • Automated Multi-Purpose Platform - Create Profitable Chatbots In Any Niche For Your Facebook Pages And Websites In Just 60 Seconds Flat.
  • World’s EASIEST Chatbot Platform - Makes It Drag-n-Drop Simple. No Coding Or Design Skills Required!
  • Complete All-In-One Automation - All The Way From Answering Questions, Engaging Prospects, Nurturing Leads To Closing Sales For You 24/7 Without You Being Online.
  • Blow Your Competitors Out Of The Water - Instantly Get 154% More Engagement, 400% Lead Growth, And Bypass Weeks of Work.
  • Mass Broadcasts - Build Unlimited Leads And Send Marketing Messages. Get Up To 80% Open Rates And Skyrocket Your Sales.
  • 60 Second Chatbots - Easily Build Massive Lists, Nurture Leads & Generate Sales Without Spending A Dime!
  • Commercial License Included - Lets You Sell Chatbots To ANY Clients And Keep 100% of The Profits!
  • 50 Ready Made Templates - Choose From Our Premium Range Of Done For You Templates In The Hottest Niches, Fully Customizable And Ready For Use!

8 Figure Entrepreneur

Ricky Mataka Endorses Botstar!

People Just Like You Are

Getting Extraordinary Results...

“ far the easiest software
I’ve ever used
“...full-featured messenger bot that does everything for you with just a few clicks...
“Interact with prospects and clients 24/7 on websites, messengers and hundreds of other apps...

Watch Us Create A Stunning Chatbot

For A Restaurant In Just 60 Seconds Flat...

Lock In Your Exclusive One Time Payment,

Get The Commercial License (Worth $497) &

Save Thousands In Annual Fees

Botstar Commercial
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The FUTURE Of Automated Marketing, Sales & Customer Support

Is Finally Here Without You Being Online...

You Can Now Leverage Amazing Artificial Intelligence

And Smart Messenger Automations To Get:



Open Rates Than Email



Click Thru Rates



Engagement Rates Than Email & Video

If you could get QUADRUPLE the open rates, 15 times HIGHER click rates, and up to 80% higher ENGAGEMENT from every marketing message you send...

What would that do for your business?

If you could fully-automate the process for growing big lists and making sales every day - without any effort, even when you’re offline...

What would that do for your LIFESTYLE and family?

THIS is the reality of chatbot technology - and it’s only going to get BIGGER.

Imagine Having Your Own Team Of Top

Sales People Working For You 24/7

While You're Sleeping...

Just picture automating EVERY part of your marketing, while you enjoy time with your loved ones, sit back and relax.

From building thousands of hot targeted buyer leads, to INSTANTLY engaging prospects & customers, making automated sales AND providing 24/7 customer support… WITHOUT you even being online.

That’s EXACTLY What Chatbots Can Do For You and Much More...

The Possibilities Are Truly Endless!

Look, if you're still struggling and frustrated with not being able to get any real success online, then stop beating yourself up about it because it’s not your fault.

When we first started out online, we were in your exact shoes… buying all the latest apps and tools that claimed to get instant results, only to be left disheartened with a deeper hole in our wallets.

We couldn’t make sense of it all until we realized exactly where online marketing was headed... The solution was actually right in front of our faces the whole time!

Chatbots are the FUTURE of marketing, so if you're not using this technology, you will risk losing thousands of dollars down the line and so much time.

Chatbots instantly engage with your prospects & customers on messenger apps or on your site 24/7, while you just sit back, relax and enjoy life.

With cutting edge artificial intelligence, they drive tons of leads & sales using HUMANIZED replies while saving you thousands of dollars and bypassing weeks of work.

Chatbots Are A GUARANTEED Win-Win

For You AND Your Customers:


Full Automation

Chatbots automate everything for you without you being there...

All the way from answering questions, engaging prospects, nurturing leads to closing sales for you continuously 24/7.

Skyrocketing Sales

A.I. technology automatically personalizes every conversation with your prospect’s name and details, as if they are talking to a real human.

Sky High Reach

Tap into a mass market full of active responsive buyers. Most people are spending most of their time online on messenger apps... they spend 91% of their time messaging each other.

Zero Competition

Easily tap into a billion dollar market without any effort. Less than 1% of businesses are using chatbot technology to reach, engage and connect with more customers.

Your Prospects & Customers

Happier To Buy

It’s proven that 54% of customers are more likely to shop with businesses they can get an instant response from, without having to wait around.

Increased Engagement

40% of the population say that they chat with chatbots on a daily basis. Companies that utilized chatbots were able to increase their customer spend by over 50% more!

24 Hour Service

83% of online shoppers need support before making a purchase, and if they don’t get that, you’ll lose potential sales! They want to see more companies using chatbots, since they don’t want any delays in responses.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers demand 24/7 support & chatbots deliver exactly that - skyrocketing your customer retention & ongoing sales.

“Messenger bots are a mashup of social, mobile and instant messaging power,

which is exactly the direction that market is going”

Neil Patel

“How to Get 88% Open Rates and 56% CTRs Using FB Messenger”

HOWEVER Chabot Technology Is

WAY Beyond The Reach Of Most Marketers…

In Fact, Only 1% of All Businesses Are Currently Using It:

bullet point

Creating chatbots means EXTENSIVE coding & programming skills... OR

Hiring expensive developers & paying thousands per bot... OR

bullet point
bullet point

Paying INFLATED MONTHLY subscription fees for software that limits features & your usage

Even with the sky high rates charged by many other current chatbot platforms...

  • Intercom costs $1,836 PER YEAR for limited features... custom plans only available when you PAY EVEN MORE...
  • Chatfuel STARTS at $2388 annually for a premium plan
  • MobileMonkey costs $1548 yearly for LIMITED features & messages

“... Chatbots are predicted to deal with 90% of all client inquiries within 5 years... it’s expected they’ll cut business costs by $8 billion”, January 2019

Let’s say you DON’T want to be paying 4 figures per year for chatbots that are limited in features. Or even worse… having to use 10 different apps, and waiting many months for results...

Then simply use...

Connect. Engage. Automate. Profit.

Botstar is MORE than just a simple to use chatbot creator.

It’s a COMPLETE automated results

driven marketing solution - all the way from:

  • Easily growing HUGE lists of targeted buyers fast.
  • Maximising reach & engagement like never before.
  • Double or even tripling sales without extra work.
  • Handling your customer support 24/7 without you being online.

You can easily have interactive profitable chatbots connected to your FB pages AND your websites with just a few clicks, even if you don’t know a single thing about chatbots!

Botstar completely automates ANY type of marketing, list building, sales & support 24/7… and it does it all inside one easy to use dashboard, no other tools are needed...

This is an all-in-one, AUTOMATED solution that your online business MUST HAVE in order to survive and grow.

Check Out Just Some Of The Incredible

Chatbots You Can Create With Botstar...

All Made In A Few Clicks!


Car Dealership


The World's Best & Most Results Driven

Multi-Purpose Chat Automation Platform!

Easily Edit, Customize & Publish Chatbots With Drag-n-Drop Ease...

Welcome To The Botstar Visual Flow Editor

The gorgeous Visual Flow Editor makes designing your interactive chatbots an absolute breeze.

No tech skills or experience needed. If you can drag-n-drop files on your computer, then you can easily create highly engaging chatbots that automatically nurture leads - and instantly convert them into sales WITHOUT any effort.

No need to worry about any complicated coding, as we both know that’s a complete nightmare...

However with Botstar, it’s drag-n-drop simple, even a 7 year old can easily do this to create profitable chatbots in just minutes.

You Can Literally Do This In

Just 4 Easy Steps...

Step #1


Choose from 50 premium, done-for-you chat templates in a wide range of hot proven niches...

OR create your own custom chatbot from scratch!

Step #2

Drag & Drop

The simple Visual Editor makes chatbot creation a breeze. Just drag & drop your content...

Rearrange the conversation flow however you like WITHOUT messing with a single line of code.

Step #3


Easily edit your chatbot with full flexibility & control. Add branding, texts, images, buttons, videos, audios & calls-to-action just by dragging & dropping them in.

Step #4

Click Publish

That’s it you’re done! You’ve now got a powerful chatbot ready to automate your sales, marketing and customer support 24/7 while you sit back, relax and collect the profits.

Botstar's Multi Purpose Platform Is Suitable For
Marketers, Business Owners & Newbies
Who Need Results Starting Today...

Affiliate, Video or eCom Marketer?

Instantly interact, engage and convert prospects into buyers by adding Botstar to your websites, videos & landing pages... They'll be added onto your list automatically, no optin forms needed! 

Start Your Own Chatbot Agency Business Today

By selling STUNNING Chatbots to clients through upwork (or even local businesses for a steady 4-5 figure per month income stream).

Worried About Getting Traffic?

Use Botstar to drive hoards of FREE viral traffic without spending a dime!

I’m Sure You’ve Heard The Saying “The Moneys In The List”

Well you can now grow HUGE subscriber lists from facebook for FREE, marketing to them at will... knowing your messages will be read every single time!

Nurture Those New Leads & Promote Your Marketing Messages

Directly to them at the push of a button… no restrictions on sending limits or any unexpected nonsense.

Use Sales Bots To Warm Prospects Up

And bring in a tsunami of sales for you 24/7 without any effort.

EASILY Create Support Bots For 24/7 Automation

That automatically handle all customer support questions for you, without hiring expensive staff, turning your customers into recurring sales.

Skyrocket Engagement, Leads &

Sales With Powerful On-Site Chatbots

Your prospects and customers don’t like waiting for support. Look, if they don’t get a reply within 2 hours, then consider the sale gone!

Botstar has you covered. Easily include automated on-site chat in 4 different styles on ANY website without paying for expensive support staff or making prospects wait for a response.

Keep miles ahead of your competitors, build a personal connection with your prospects without any effort... turning them into repeat buyers for the long term.

Nothing Beats

Facebook Messenger

Let’s face it, everyone uses Facebook. The facts are clear, 1.3 BILLION people use Messenger every month and we’re all addicted to it.

Messenger messages get between 50% to 80% open rates. This blows email marketing right out of the water.

Grow and "monetize" your lists effortlessly. With botstar, you can even embed your messenger bot directly into ANY website, skyrocketing your reach, engagement & sales.

Mind-blowing Facebook Chatbots

That Do All The Work For You

Instantly engage with facebook users 24/7, build a HUGE audience of raving fans, and EASILY promote and turn them into repeat buyers.

In just a few clicks, effortlessly create custom chatbots for any of your FB pages, automating lead generation and connecting 1-on-1 with prospects like a real human being.

Nurture, Engage & Convert

Into Rapid Sales!

Easily nurture your leads through our “done for you” sequence flows that instantly grabs attention, drives more leads and pulls in sales fast without any work on your end.

Want to send a broadcast to your list’s informing them of your offers and promotions?

Botstar does that FOR YOU with just 1 click. You can send any promotion you want, without any of the hassles you get with an email autoresponder that charges you monthly fees.

Enjoy up to 80% open rates and 56% click rates on your marketing messages, making this the best, easiest, AND most effective way to reach global audiences and rake in huge sales WITHOUT any effort.

Fully Automate Your Support

Without Hiring Staff

Today’s online shoppers DEMAND practically instant replies - otherwise you lose sales and customers for life.

Botstar’s smart powerful A.I. engine analyzes the user’s input by keyword, then sends intelligent replies based on each person’s EXACT needs.

Your prospect is more likely to buy from you because of the unique personalized interaction.

Customize Your Chatbots

For ANY Marketing Goal

Whether you need a promo, marketing, sales, customer support, or a trust building based bot... Botstar covers all different scenarios with push button ease.

Laser-target any area of your business & nurture new leads through automated text flows.

Maximize engagement & sales with clickable buttons that build rapport with your prospects, step by step and convert them into easy sales!

With this powerful personal approach, your customer engagement, leads & sales goes through the roof...

50 Customizable Templates

In The Hottest Niches

No idea on where to start? No problem! You instantly get 50 customizable templates in the HOTTEST most profitable niches, making it super simple to have a chatbot running in minutes.

Bypass weeks worth of work and forget about learning anything. Botstar gives you the proven chat sequences, text flows, images, videos and everything you’ll ever need for HUGE success.

Businesses are always looking to automate their customer support and get more customers, so when you offer to create these incredible chatbots for them, they’ll jump at the chance to pay you with no hesitation.

Be Light Years Ahead

Of Everyone Else

Let’s face it, email marketing and other forms of communication are not as effective as they used to be...

Making it very tough to reach, connect, engage and turn your prospects into buyers. So what’s the solution?

- Use powerful chatbots that connect & engage with audiences in a way that email and other ways can’t.

- Use artificial intelligence to provide instant personalized responses with your prospects name. This alone increases trust and sales dramatically.

Forget spending thousands of dollars on hiring support agents or wasting money on ads and other tools...

Botstar takes care of everything for you with just a few clicks!

Lock In Your Exclusive One Time Payment,
Get The Commercial License (Worth $497) &

Save Thousands In Annual Fees

Botstar Commercial
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What’s Even Better...

You Can Quickly Build A Successful 4 To 5 Figure

Per Month Business Starting Today!

Easily Sell These Chatbots
To Local Businesses

With 50 proven templates in the hottest niches, all fully customizable... you can easily sell them to gyms, restaurants, salons, bars, hotels, car dealerships, events, service based business and much more.

Those businesses are in need of improving their engagement and keeping customers long term. Botstar solves these common problems with just a few clicks.

Sell To 1000s Of Hungry Buyers Online
Who Are Craving For Chatbots

If you go onto places such as upwork, you’ll see hundreds of people asking to get chatbots made. Lots of developers are charging ridiculous amounts to get just 1 single chatbot created...

Check out the image on the right. Someone posted a job with a $600 budget asking to get a chatbot made for a coffee shop.

You can easily do this for them in just a few minutes with Botstar, undercutting anyone at will. There’s templates like this already built for you, ready to go, without any extra work needed.

Turn Automated Conversations Into
Live Interactions To Maximise Engagement

Botstar includes the UNIQUE ability for you or ANY of your virtual assistants to take over any chat at any point.

Set yourself apart from the competition, drive higher sales and turn more viewers into buyers!

Sell From Directly
INSIDE FB Messenger

Botstar features an advanced Content Management System letting you showcase DYNAMIC marketing content in style.

Meaning you can include clickable descriptions, images & even product galleries INSIDE your chatbots (for explosive sales right within messenger!)

There’s simply no EASIER way to automate your sales like this online.

PLUS… Full Commercial Rights Included!

YES… You Get To Keep 100% Of The Profits
Selling Chatbots To Others! (Worth $497 Alone)

This is your one time opportunity to make HUGE profits by tapping into an open hungry market that’s craving for these amazing chatbots.

Bear in mind that LESS than 1% of businesses are using chatbots… But within 5 years, chatbots are predicted to handle 90% of ALL customer inquiries...

This industry is set to explode, and you’re getting a front row ticket to instantly cash in. For a limited time only, your Botstar access includes commercial rights - to create AND sell chatbots to unlimited clients.

No user fees, no limits and no nonsense. You set your own price and keep all the profits.

Replace Expensive Monthly Subscriptions &
Save Yourself Paying $1200 In Yearly Fees...

Typically you’d have to pay $120 per year just for having 1 chatbot, and this applies to other similar chatbot platforms too.

Botstar blows everything else right out of the water in terms of quality, features, price, versatility… and the EPIC results it brings you.

Unlike other limited platforms online, Botstar stands out to over deliver in sheer dollar for dollar value.

You can create up to 10 chatbots in different niches, all for a ridiculous low one time price, with no monthly fees or any other unexpected nonsense.

As part of our introductory one time launch special offer, you can take advantage of the incredible low one time fee.

But hurry... it’s only up for grabs at this price for a limited time. And once this short launch ends, the price doubles and turns into a monthly subscription.

Botstar Is The Complete Chat
Marketing Platform You’ll Ever Need:

Embed On Messenger & Websites

Skyrocket your engagement, leads & sales by putting your chatbot within FB messenger and any websites.

Drag & Drop

Creating powerful engaging chatbots in ANY niche has never been easier. No learning required.

50 Premium Templates

These templates are in the HOTTEST niches, fully customizable and ready to convert prospects into buyers.

Powerful Artificial Intelligence

Sit back & relax while the software automatically analyzes messages to send relevant personalized replies.

No Experience Necessary

No coding or design skills needed. Just drag-n-drop and let Botstar do the rest for you.

Unlimited Mass Broadcasts

Send as MANY marketing messages to your leads as you like with no limits.

Easy Customization

Full flexibility to add branding, text, images, audios, videos, timed delays to ‘humanize’ your conversations and much more.


Nothing to install or download. Botstar is accessible on all devices, create & customize your bots from anywhere.

Full Support and Updates

We walk you through every aspect of the software AND how to use it for best results across multiple platforms.

You Won’t Find Another App That Comes Close,
Especially At This Low Incredible One Time Price...

Lock In Your Exclusive One Time Payment,
Get The Commercial License (Worth $497) &

Save Thousands In Annual Fees

Botstar Commercial
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Recap Overall

  • UNLIMITED conversations between your chatbots and users
  • UNLIMITED active users supported
  • CUSTOM bot branding
  • Tech & account support 24/7
  • Allow up to 10 team members to access your chatbot dashboard
  • 10 Full-Featured Chatbots Per Account (saving you $1200 a year in fees)


  • Unlimited conversation blocks
  • Unlimited ‘tags’ to define users & create list segments
  • CMS - share & manage dynamic content within each chatbot
  • Drag-n-Drop functionality to easily create chatbots in minutes without any coding skills


  • Connect your chatbot to your FB pages - one chatbot per page, directly connected to FB Messenger
  • Websites galore - connect your chatbot to MULTIPLE websites for mass reach & engagement


  • Broadcast - UNLIMITED marketing messages to your leads
  • UNLIMITED Custom Follow-Ups - configure as many multiple-step marketing messages as you like
  • Human Takeover - let you or operators take over automated chat and connect live


  • Create different segments from your leads to laser target unique groups with unique offers
  • Export and download subscriber data via CSV to your autoresponder
  • Effortlessly retarget your audiences on FB to maximize your ROI
  • Step by step training + guides to get you started right away
  • Commercial license included which lets you sell to clients and keep 100% of the profits

During This EXCLUSIVE Launch You Get Botstar For
An Incredible Low One-Time Price


You WON’T pay the regular monthly fee


You WON’T need other softwares or developers that cost THOUSANDS per year


And you WON’T be limited by the restrictions other softwares put on your account

Lock In Your Exclusive One Time Payment,
Get The Commercial License (Worth $497) &

Save Thousands In Annual Fees

Botstar Commercial
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Ready To Put The
FULL Power Of Marketing Automation
Into YOUR Business?

Botstar has you covered. Today, tomorrow & long term...

Just like top brands, YOU can now have automated chatbots that drive you leads & sales from MULTIPLE networks, while automating your support 24/7.

And ALL this happens whether you’re online or at the beach,
WITHOUT the need for expensive sales & support staff.

Building Your Online Business

DOESN’T Have To Be Hard

ALL it takes is getting leads in the door...

ENGAGING with prospects to turn them into buyers…

Then giving them the support they need to become long term customers.

Botstar does ALL this and more for you, WITHOUT any of the hassles of paid ads, limited software’s or expensive monthly overheads.

Act Now And Get These Priceless Bonuses, Hand-Picked To Get You The BEST POSSIBLE Results From Botstar

Bonuses Only Available During This

Limited Time Launch

Fast Action Bonus #1

BotStar FREE Commercial License
(Worth $497 Alone)

Create chatbots for local businesses and online clients, sell at your own price and keep the profits!

Fast Action Bonus #2

BotStar Wordpress Plugin
(Worth $47 Alone)

Get the Best ChatBot Plugin for WordPress – More Leads, conversions and satisfied customers! This is the first & only WordPress Integrated, Plug n’ Play ChatBot that can improve user engagement, provide support, answer questions & increase conversions!

Fast Action Bonus #3

FB Fan Page Domination
(Worth $37 Alone)

Confused on where to start with Facebook marketing? No problem, this step by step training will show you how to create your own Facebook Fan page the right way in order to maximise leads & sales.

Right now, Botstar is all yours for a low one-time fee. No subscription or rebills.
And you get to try it out with zero risk.

100% Risk Free. No Questions-Asked

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Pick up Botstar today at the special one-time pricing and save THOUSANDS over the normal monthly cost. If for any reason you’re not thrilled, let us know. Our support team will connect with you personally to resolve ANY issues you have.

But in the highly unlikely event you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll return your investment on the spot.

Lock In Your Exclusive One Time Payment,
Get The Commercial License (Worth $497) &

Save Thousands In Annual Fees

Botstar Commercial
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The BIGGEST Marketing Opportunity

Of The Next 5 Years Is
STARING You In The Face With BotStar!

Connect With Your Audience Where It ALREADY Is

Facebook has 2.38 billion active monthly users.

1.3 BILLION people use Messenger every month.

Your prospects are already on these platforms. Over 8 billion messages are sent between people & businesses monthly.

Instead of paying for ads to PUSH people off their favorite platforms… Now you can connect, engage & bank sales right INSIDE FB Messenger.

Unleash The FULL Power Of Automated Messenger Marketing

On BOTH Facebook And Your Websites... WITHOUT:


Writing a single line of code or hiring expensive developers that cost thousands


Subscribing to EXPENSIVE monthly services with limited features


Hiring, training & PAYING support and sales agents


Wasting money on ads that most prospects simply ignore

You’re About To Be

One Of The Lucky Few Marketers

That Automate 100% Of Their Business

Generating leads, sales and happy customers 24/7 with technology that most people don’t even know EXISTS!

Getting a MASSIVE, unfair advantage over the competition in ANY niche ...

And EVEN creating multiple income streams selling chatbots to clients ...

Build a proper long term sustainable business you can be proud of, and get an unfair advantage over anyone else with this cutting edge A.I. technology that puts you light years ahead of everyone else.


Asked Questions

I’ve never built a chatbot before. Is this hard to do?

It’s literally 4-step simple with Botstar. The software does all the heavy lifting, and we even provide over-the-shoulder videos walking you through it all. You won’t need tech skills or ANY previous experience.

Can I access this on any device?

It doesn’t matter where you are and what device you’re using. Botstar is accessible and made to work from everywhere. There’s nothing to download or install. No hassles and no stress.

How can chatbot technology grow my business profits?

Chatbots are incredibly versatile and can build your business in many ways. They automate lead generation from BOTH your FB pages and websites...

Increase sales by giving custom, automated interactions with prospects & customers. And they can handle your customer support 24/7 to keep customers happy and returning to buy more. It saves you a lot of time and money.

How many chatbots can I create?

Botstar commercial lets you create and deploy up to 10 separate chatbots - and you can use the same bot on multiple websites. You get double the amount on the upgrade, including additional features that will take your business to the next level.

Is this a subscription pricing plan?

No, you get ongoing access to Botstar for just a one time low payment when you act now. The moment this launch closes, the price more than doubles and becomes an ongoing subscription. It usually cost $120/year just for 1 bot, and you get 10 bots at just $47 one time, so that’s a total saving of $1200 in annual subscriptions!

Lock In Your Exclusive One Time Payment,
Get The Commercial License (Worth $497) &

Save Thousands In Annual Fees

Botstar Commercial
30 Day Money Back Guarantee